A wallflower Christmas

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A wallflower Christmas – Lisa Kleypas, The Wallflowers #5

A wallflower Christmas is the fifth and last book in the serie The Wallflowers, written by Lisa Kleypas.

In this book you will met all the wallflowers one last time. Christmas is coming up and Ralf, the brother of Lillian and Daisy, is coming from America to visit the family and to marry his fathers choice, Natalie.
To get some inside information about Natalie, her hired companion Hannah, is invite for tea to meet with Lilian and Ralf. Hannah does not have a high opinion about Ralf and his American manners. She is determined to protect Natalie against this bad match but maybe it’s herself that needs protection from Ralfs charm?

For me, it was kind of a relief to read this book after Scandal in spring. This book is better than the fourth book, but not as good as the three first ones. This book is a more worthy ending of the serie about The Wallflowers.