An offer from a Gentleman

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An offer from a Gentleman – Julia Quinn, Bridgerton #3

An offer from a Gentleman is the third book in the serie about the family Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn.

This book is about Benedict and Sophie and if you like cinderella stories, this book is truly something for you.
Sophie is the daughter of an Earl but since his death, she is treated as a maid by her stepmother.
One night she as the possibility to sneak out and attend a masquerade ball. There she meet Benedict and they dance and talk until Sophie hastily has to leave before the clock hits 12. Since it’s a masquerade ball, Benedict don’t have the possibility to see Sophies face clearly but he is sure about one thing as she leaves the ball at midnight – this is the woman he wants to marry!
But how to find the women of your dreams when you don’t know her name or how she looks without the mask on?

An offer from a Gentleman is warm book. It’s very easy to like both Benedict and Sophie and you find yourself hopping for them to find each other and have their happy ending.

I recommend An offer from a Gentleman. A perfect book for a grey and rainy day!