Brazen and the beast by Sarah MacLean

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Brazen and the beast- Sarah MacLean, Bareknuckle Bastards #2

Brazen and the beast is the second book in the serie Bareknuckle Bastards, written by Sarah MacLean

Hattie is about to turn 29 years old and she has made a plan for her future! She is going to be independent and show her father that she is the right person to take over his business. Nothing is going to get in her way for reaching her goal!
When the book starts, Hattie is on her way to secure freedom, freedom from not being forced to get married. Because who can marry her if she has been ruined? To be ruined would remove one obstacle from being the new owner of her fathers business.
There is only one problem. In the carriage she is suposed to take, there is a man. Unconscious and tied up… However, that is just a minor problem because nothing will stop Hattie. During the ride, Beast, one of the members of Bareknuckle Bastards, wakes up. He is a beautiful man but an obstacle to Hattie’s plans for the evening. Hattie gives Beast a soft kiss and after that she quickly opens the door and push him out of the carriage. She has places where she needs to be!
The only problem is that she has tossed him out of the carriage in an area that Bareknuckle Bastards controls. Beast has no problem finding her and he really needs to find her. She has the answers to whom has attacked him and tied him up.

Brazen and the beast is a book filled with action from start to finish. There are no boring moments in this book. A man seeking revenge and woman seeking her freedom. I highly recommend reading this book!