Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas

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Chasing Cassandra- Lisa Kleypas, The Ravenels #6

Chasing Cassandra is the sixth book in the serie The Ravenels, written by Lisa Kleypas.

Unlike her twin sister Pandora, Cassandra has always dreamt about marriage and starting her own family. After Pandora’s weeding, Cassandra is suddenly the only unmarried sister left. How did this happen? This is not at all as she had imagined her life. During the days of Pandora’s wedding party, Cassandra asks West if he would like to marry her if none of them can find someone to marry. West sees Cassandra as his sister and kindly says no and that she need not to worry. She will find someone. From a hidden corner in the room, Tom Severin, comes forward as says “I will marry you”. Tom is a successful entrepreneur and he is looking for a beautiful wife.

I really like Chasing Cassandra. Cassandra knows what she wants. She wants love and a family. Tom can offer many things but not love. It’s entertaining to follow the development in their relationship. How they become friends and how the both change. If you have not read it yet – do it!