Cold Hearted Rake by Lisa Kleypas

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Cold hearted rake – Lisa Kleypas, The Ravenels #1

Cold hearted rake is the first book in the serie The Ravenels, written by Lisa Kleypas.

After being married for just 3 days, Kathleen becomes a widow. The estate, where she and her three sisters-in-law lives, is inherited by Devon Ravenel, now the new Earl and Lord Trenear.
Devon has lived a carefree life with no one to think about except himself and his brother. The last thing he wishes for is to take care of an estate, three unmarried distant relatives and a widow. His plan is simple – find out if and how he can sell the estate and then go back to his normal life.
But things will never get back to how they used to be. Getting to know Kathleen will change his view of things and it will also change what he really wants in life.

Cold hearted rake is a very good historical romance book! This is one of the best books in the serie about the Ravenels. It’sĀ  quite steamy and the passion between Kathleen and Devon is on fire!