Devil in spring by Lisa Kleypas

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Devil in spring – Lisa Kleypas, The Ravenels #3

Devil in spring is the third book in the serie The Ravenels, written by Lisa Kleypas.

This is the story about Pandora, one of the Trenear twin sisters. Pandora is full of life, cannot sit still, talkative and has big plans for her life. One of her passions is boardgames. She creates them from scratch. Her brother in law, Rhys Winterborn, owns Londons biggest department store. Pandora has a contract with him and he will sell her boardgames in his store.
Pandora has no interested in marrying anyone since marrying means that her business wouldn’t belong to her anymore, it would belong to her husband.
Unexpected events makes it so that Pandora and Gabriel, Lord St. Vincent, is found in a situation that could be considered as compromising. Gabriel, who has been avoiding situations that might trap him into marriage, finds himself trapped by a girl who has no interested in marrying him even if the consequence is a scandal.
Both Pandoras and Gabriels family decides that it would be good if Pandora and her family came to visit Gabriels family at their estate by the coast. This way, they can get to know each other and decide if they should be married to avoid a scandal.

The parents of Gabriel is Evie and Sebastian from the book Devil in winter.
A favourite couple for many of Lisa Kleypas readers. To meet Evie and Sebastian again, gives this book an extra heart.

Devil in spring is an unexpected story and I like Pandoras lively personality and also that she is passionate about her business. Highly recommend to read this book.