Devil's Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

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Devil’s daughter- Lisa Kleypas, The Ravenels #5

Devil’s daughter is the fifth book in the serie The Ravenels, written by Lisa Kleypas.

This book is about West Ravenel and Phoebe, the daughter of Evie and Sebastian. By now, after 4 books in the Ravenel serie we know West well. He has made a great change, going from living a selfish life with no responsibilities, to a life where he cares about others and manages the family estate. At the weeding of Pandora and Gabriel, who is Phoebes brother, West and Phoebe meet for the first time. Phoebe already has a strong opinion about West, since he was the childhood bully of her late husband. She despise him before she even has met him. The problem is that West don’t seem to be at all as she had imagined.

Devil’s daughter is really good. Phoebe has a difficult situation due to a promise she made on her husbands death bed. West on the other side feels unworthy because of the life he has lived before and that he comes with no fortune or estate. It’s interesting to see how the relationship between West and Phoebe develops. A highly recommended book.