Enticing the Earl by Kathleen Ayers

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Enticing the Earl- Kathleen Ayers, The arrogant Earls #3

Enticing the Earl is the second book in the serie The arrogant Earls, written by Kathleen Ayers.

Oleana is on the run from her dead husbands relativs. She has managed to get an employment at the house of the widower  Earl Montieth. Her role is to be the housekeeper but soon everyone can see clearly that she is not the right person for the job. She has a letter of recommendation but it’s clear that Oleana lacks the skills. The butler in the house is suspicious, the Earl is attracted to his new housekeeper, the earls daughter absolutely love the new housekeeper and Olenas relatives are coming close to find her! There is also Oleanas cat that always seems to missing and ends up where he should definitely not be.

Enticing the Earl is entertaining with stories within no dull minutes!