Forgetting the Earl by Kathleen Ayers

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Forgetting the Earl- Kathleen Ayers, The arrogant Earls #1

Forgetting the Earl is the first book in the serie The arrogant Earls, written by Kathleen Ayers.

Honoria is a young girl without confidence, good skin and she feels awkward. During a ball, a couple of “friends” humiliates her. Honorias mother uses this humiliation to force Honoria to marry a man that her mother has chosen. The marriage is without love and Honoria is treated badly by both her husband and her mother in-law. But as the years goes, the duckling turns in to a swan. When Honorias husband suddenly dies, she is no longer that awkward young girl she was and she it looking for revenge. Especially towards the Earl of Southwell, who had a main role in her humiliation. He has been abroad for several years and has finally returned to England.

Forgetting the Earl is quite emotional. I really felt for Honoria and what she had to go through.