It's in his kiss

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It’s in his kiss – Julia Quinn, Bridgerton #7

It’s in his kiss is the seventh book in the serie about the family Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn.

This book is about Hyacinth, the youngest of the Bridgerton siblings. She is smart, witty and outspoken. She is also a friend of Lady Danbury and visit her every Tuesday to read for her. Lady Danbury has a grandson, Gareth St.Clair, and she makes sure that Hyacinth and Gareth meet each other on social gatherings.
Gareth has inherited a diary from his grandmother on his fathers side. The only problem is that diary is written in Italian so Gareth need to find someone how can help him translate the diary. Hyacinth, who has had an Italian governess, knows some Italien and offers her help. From the diary, they find out that there is a hidden treasure in the house of Gareths father. Hyacinth and Gareths is now on a treasure hunt.

I think this book is ok but not more. It’s not as exciting as the other books in the Bridgerton serie and didn’t leave me longing for more. It’s not a book I would read again.