Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas

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Marrying Winterborne – Lisa Kleypas, The Ravenels #2

Marrying Winterborne is the second book in the serie The Ravenels, written by Lisa Kleypas.

The story about Helen, the oldest of the Trenear sisters, and Rhys Winterborne, starts already in the first book of the Ravenels serie. Helen has helped to take care of Rhys after an accident. Her gentle and soft manners is irresistible for Rhys. He is a commoner, who has built a fortune in trades. What he needs is to marry a Lady, an aristocrat and Helen seems like the perfect candidate.
All her life, Helen has lived on the family estate without much contact of the world outside of her family and the estate. Rhys manners scares her at first, even though she is drawn to him. Rhys propose quickly and Helen accepts.
Their first kiss dosen’t go as planned. Helen is unprepared and gets scared. Her sister in law, Kathleen, sees her running away crying. After the event Helen gets a migraine and during her time sick in bed, Kathleen seeks up Rhys to tell him that engagement between him and Helen is over. Kathleen, and her husband Devon, don’t think that Rhys is a good match for Helen.
After learning that her engagement has been ended, without anyone asking her about it, Helen doesn’t feel relieved. Imagining how her life will look lite without Rhys and how it would look like being married to an aristocrat, Helen feels that a terrible mistake has been made. She decides to take charge of her own life and seeks up Rhys.

Marrying Winterborne is entertaining and eventful! There are no dull moments and it’s easy to like both Helen and Rhys. A bit steamy as well. Highly recommend this book.