On the way to the wedding

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On the way to the wedding – Julia Quinn, Bridgerton #8

On the way to the wedding is the eighth book in the serie about the family Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn.

This book starts with the ending. George Bridgerton is running through London, on his way to stop the woman he loves, from marrying someone else. He arrives to the cathedral before the marriage ceremony is completed. Before all the wedding guests, he begs Lucinda to marry him instead. Before her answer is reviled, the book takes you to the beginning of the story. How they first meet and how George from the beginning was interested in Hermione, a good friend of Lucinda. Lucinda offers to help George win Hermiones heart. After that, nothing goes as planned.

Extra points for a rare beginning. The beginning get’s you hocked to find out if Lucinda will say yes. The book is ok but not a book I would read more then once.