Secrets of a summer night

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Secrets of a summer night – Lisa Kleypas, The Wallflowers #1

Secrets of a summer night is the first book in the serie The Wallflowers, written by Lisa Kleypas.

In the beginning of this book, you get to know all “the wallflowers” and how they start a pact – a pact to help each other find suitable husbands. All of wallflowers have different reasons for not having been able to finding a husband.
Annabelle is beautiful, graceful, but without a dowery… Which makes it hard for her to get a good proposal. She knows that she needs to get married to be able to help her family out financially.
Simon has money, a lot fo it. He is an American entrepreneur and has moved to London for business. He also shows a clear interest in Annabelle. The problem is that he wants Annabelle as his mistress. To be Simons mistress would solve Annabelle and her families financial problems but even if she is tempted by him, the life of a mistress is not something that she is wants.

This book is a very strong start of the serie about the wallflowers. I really enjoy the story about Annabelle and Simon and have read it more than once. Highly recommended!