The Duke and I, Julia Quinn

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The Duke and I – Julia Quinn, Bridgerton #1

The Duke and I is the first book in the serie about the family Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn.

In this book you will meet the oldest daughter, Daphne Bridgerton.
Daphne is pressured to get married but she has still not found love. One of her brothers best friends, Simon, needs to get away from all the mothers that wants to marry of their daughters to him.
What if they pretend to be in a relationship? That would put Daphne out of pressure and it would get the mothers to back away from Simon. Sounds like a perfect plan, a plan that solve both of their problems.
To make their fake relationship look real, they have to spend time together and dance together at bals. What will happen when they get to know each other?

This is a good historical romance book. As a reader it’s easy to get lost in the story and you really want to know how the story will end. I highly can recommend this book and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.