When he was wicked

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When he was wicked – Julia Quinn, Bridgerton #6

When he was wicked is the sixth book in the serie about the family Bridgerton, written by Julia Quinn.

Francesca Bridgerton marries when she is young to the love of her life. At a dinner, close to the weeding, her future husbands cousin Michael meet Francesca for the first time. For him, it’s love at first sight. A love he cannot act on because of his strong friendship and loyalty to his cousin. He can just watch when the woman he loves lives happily together with his cousins. But life happens and a few years later Francesca is a widow and Michael has come back from time abroad.

I would say this is the steamiest of the books in the Bridgerton serie. The story is well written and you get caught. You want to know how the story between Francesca and Michael develops.
Highly recommend to read this book!