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Best historical romance books for the summer vacation 2023

Summer and vacation is just around the corner! Finally time for lazy days and reading. I will share 3 of my favourite historical romance books. A beautiful story, a steamy story and a classic “cannot tolerate each other turns in to love”.

Flowers from the storm

I absolutely love this book! The Duke of Jervaulx is as rake as it gets until he has a stroke and loses his ability to speak. His family hides him away in a mental asylum where Maddy is working. She and the Duke are acquaintances since before through Maddys father. This book is both interesting, exciting, moving and well written.
Laura Kinsale has written a great book and if you have not read it, it needs to be on you list of historical romance books for the summer vacation 2023.

What I did for a Duke

A house party in the English country side. An angry Duke who is looking for revenge. A young woman who thinks she knows what love is but will soon realise that her perception of love might not be the correct one. This book has it all! Easy to read, something is happening all the time. You don’t want to put the book down. And it’s steamy…. Really steamy.
Julie Ann Long is the author of this excellent book.

The sum of all kisses

Hugh and Sarah. They are not fond of each other. At all. Now they have to spend time together at a wedding in the country side. This book is very entertaining and I have read it more than once… Needless to say, Hugh and Sarah, is a favourite couple of mine.
The book is the third in the Smythe-Smith Quartet serie and written by Julia Quinn (most known for the Bridgeton serie). You can read the books standalone but the experience is better if you read them in the correct order.

Best historical romance books for the summer vacation 2023

Hope you will enjoy these books as much as I have. Which book would you recommend to someone that wants to read a historical romance book during the summer vacation?